Poquoson Veterinary Hospital in Poquoson boarding


Our veterinary-supervised boarding facility contains a variety of cages and runs providing accommodations for dogs of all sizes and includes daily exercise in our fenced back yard. If your pet will be staying with us, then feel free to ask for a tour of the boarding facility.

Kitties Peaceful Retreat

On the second floor cats enjoy a peaceful stay in the kitty condo area which boasts adjoining apartments with outdoor views in a quiet dog-free zone. Our attentive kennel staff monitors every boarder closely and communicates immediately with a doctor when it appears a pet may have special needs.

Boarding Consent Forms

When your pet is admitted to our boarding facility, you will need to complete a boarding consent form. Please include any contact numbers where we might contact you should your pet become ill during it’s stay with us. Many of our boarders will be bathed prior to returning home. Be sure to indicate on your boarding consent form if you would like your pet to have a bath before returning home.

Boarding Services

  • Boarding
  • Special Care Medical Boarding